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Happy Birthday Terence Stamp!

Sorry for the delay in updates, but I had to come back and wish Terence Stamp a Happy Birthday!

He is one of my fave cute boys of the ’60s! If you’ve seen him in Teorema or the Toby Dammit sequence of the anthology movie Spirits of the Dead you’ll know what I mean! He had a real tortured, mysterious kind of beauty that smoldered and he has since led a long and fantastic career. Many happy returns, Terence!

Don’t forget to kneel before Zod!

Davy Jones of The Monkees

The news of Davy’s death today really saddened me. I had always planned to include him (as one of my “other decades” entries on this blog) and I’m sorry this will be my first mention of him here. One of the first cute boys to ever grab my attention (due to Nickelodeon and MTV rerunning The Monkees during my childhood), I was immediately smitten with Davy’s cuteness, his British accent, and his sweet, open persona. I also dug that he was short. Yes, there’s something about cute short guys. You just want to squeeze them! While I also thought Peter Tork was quite cute, Davy held the top Monkee spot in my heart and kick-started my life of enjoying cute boys and rock and roll.

By the way, I always fantasized about sharing a pad and playing gigs with my bandmates like The Monkees did on their show. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe one day it will. Thanks for the rock n’ roll dreams Davy!

Enjoy the song Valleri at this link.

Duckie from “Pretty in Pink”

Jon Cryer as Duckie in “Pretty in Pink” is another of the sweet cute boys of the ’80s, and he had a lot of style to make him stand out. He always had the best hair, the best shoes, the best jackets, and the best accessories (aside from Annie Potts’ equally iconic record shop manager Iona) in that movie. In a perfect world he would have dialed it back a bit (to avoid slipping into stalker territory) and ended up with Andie. I like to imagine he went to college, matured a bit, and found a girl who could appreciate and match his style and sweetness.

Prince in Purple Rain

Prince is one of the most mysterious and sexy of the cute boys posted so far. Being a musical genius definitely adds to his appeal, he’s also an amazing dancer! Those are both very cute features, and I really like his doe-eyes and androgynous style as well.

(this image based on a photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino)

He’s also not too shy to show it all for his fans! I strongly recommend “Purple Rain” (1984) to get an eyeful and earful of the cute and talented Prince!

Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future

Look at that face! I think Michael J. Fox typically falls into the sweet category of cute boys (and I love it ^_^). Take Marty in Back to the Future (1985), he plays rock and roll and has time-traveling adventures, but when it comes down to it he’s a good kid who wouldn’t do you wrong. I also like that he’s short (5’ 4”). I find it endearing.

Back to the Future also features the ever talented Crispin Glover. Yes.

Do you remember when Mr. Fox was in Light of Day with Joan Jett?!

Love her.

Please check out Michael J. Fox’s charity organization to help cure Parkinson’s disease, it’s a worthy cause.

Christian Slater in Heathers

Christian Slater’s turn as the psychopathic J.D. in the black teen comedy Heathers (1988) is a classic “bad boy” role. You know he’s bad the whole time, but he just exudes so much charisma, he’s very hard to say “no” to.

Here’s a collection of clips, there are a surprising amount of fan videos on youtube for J.D.! If you like Christian in Heathers, you also may want to check him out in Gleaming the Cube and Pump Up the Volume.

Adam Ant’s Strip Video

Like Billy Idol, Adam Ant came up through the British ’70s punk scene and gave us fans of cute boys a whole lot to be thankful for! Some of the most memorable ’80s videos featured Adam’s good looks and retro dandy style along with infectiously fun and catchy tunes.

Perhaps most notable to cute boy watchers is the video "Strip", where he loses his clothes and seems to be having a great time. Those were good times indeed!

He could also rock a half-shirt!

Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Johnny Depp is another of the talented cute boys whose career has spanned the decades. Who knew from this start (and rather messy end) in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) that he’d go on to so many other great roles? He always did have star quality! In anticipation of Halloween, let us celebrate his turn as Glen Lantz (as well as his half-shirt).

Here’s a still from the movie and you can enjoy a collection of his scenes as Glen here.

Udo Kier in Blood For Dracula

Let’s continue our spooky cute boys of October with Udo Kier! Sure, Blood for Dracula is a ’70s movie (1974), but it’s one of those exceptions I mentioned, and of course, I appreciate cute boys of all decades. Especially when they look like Udo Kier! He’s perfect as Dracula since he’s supernaturally gorgeous, with a classic film star look. In fact, he’s heartbreakingly beautiful, with eyes that are huge and hypnotic.

I also love his accent. I really feel sorry for poor Dracula. He’s in a bad predicament in this film (he’s sickly and he can only drink virgin blood, but can’t find any virgins! hence this famous line), and he’s in competition with Joe Dallesandro, who’s no slouch himself in the cuteness area.

This clip has a lot of highlights, this is a good one too. The film is absurd and full of nudity and gore, so be forewarned, but I recommend this to campy film fans as well as Flesh for Frankenstein which has pretty much the same cast. Gotta love more Udo!

Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys!

Happy October! Fall is my favorite season and I just love Halloween and all the spooky fun that goes along with it. So this month I’ll be featuring cute boys from horror movies/gothic themed-bands, etc. For some reason a lot of ’70s boys are coming to my mind. Was it a more fruitful time for cute boys of horror? Perhaps! Either way, I am certainly open to cute boy suggestions.

The Lost Boys (1987) is a natural pick for cute boys in an ’80s horror film, no? Chock full of cute and hunky rocker-type vampire guys! (Hello there again, Alex Winter in a half shirt!) When the film came out I was most interested in Corey Feldman (he was more age appropriate for me at the time). I found his eyebrows and snarkiness somehow endearing. Enjoy the trailer here!