This site will include Abby Denson's comics and illustrations of cute boys of the '80s (and other decades), as well as photos and videos relevant to the topic. You can see her other comics and more info at

John Taylor of Duran Duran

While all of the Duran Duran boys have official “cute boy” status, my favorite to gaze upon has always been John Taylor. Plus, I love bassists (maybe a shared rapport as a bassist myself). There are a lot of cute bassists out there! You’ll be seeing more here, that’s for certain.

Check out these videos, the Duran Duran boys really excel at looking fabulous in videos. Luckily, I like the songs too!

I also recently found out John has a twitter feed. Follow away!

Billy Idol in “Catch My Fall”

On the flip side, we have Billy Idol, an unrepentant “bad boy” type. He’s also not ashamed to show off his physique, as is well documented in this iconic Rolling Stone cover!

The panel I drew commemorates the classic scene of him showering (with one leather glove on!) in the last part of the video for "Catch My Fall". I also am an admirer of young Billy in this video for "Ready Steady Go" with his earlier band Generation X. That is some impressive hair! And, oh my goodness, check out this video of Generation X with an intro by Marc Bolan, a must see! I think I’m getting the vapors over here…

Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

While Keanu is one of those special cute boys whose career has successfully endured, I’ll always think most fondly of him as Ted Logan in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989). He just seemed so kind and earnest, if totally clueless, which I found endearing. I think a sweet boy can be as appealing as a “bad boy” any day and even more so when we’re talking about real life.

Can you deny this cuteness?

Wyld Stallyns forever!

(extra credit for Alex Winter’s half-shirt - that’s such an ’80s cute boy look)

And Jane Wiedlin plays Joan of Arc in the movie too. Sweet!

(photo - credit unknown)

Welcome to Cute Boys of the ’80s!

For the past few years I’ve been doing mini-comics featuring my favorite cute boys of the ’80s and I have plans for more (as well as comics covering other decades of course). I thought it would be cool to start a Tumblr to include those comics and illustrations as well as photos and videos of my favorite cute boys (and hopefully some of yours too)! Let’s start off with David Bowie in Jim Henson’s classic Labyrinth. Truly, his cuteness spans the decades, but this is a favorite moment of mine.

Please join me for a Magic Dance!

(photo - Jim Henson Co.)