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Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Johnny Depp is another of the talented cute boys whose career has spanned the decades. Who knew from this start (and rather messy end) in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) that he’d go on to so many other great roles? He always did have star quality! In anticipation of Halloween, let us celebrate his turn as Glen Lantz (as well as his half-shirt).

Here’s a still from the movie and you can enjoy a collection of his scenes as Glen here.

Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys!

Happy October! Fall is my favorite season and I just love Halloween and all the spooky fun that goes along with it. So this month I’ll be featuring cute boys from horror movies/gothic themed-bands, etc. For some reason a lot of ’70s boys are coming to my mind. Was it a more fruitful time for cute boys of horror? Perhaps! Either way, I am certainly open to cute boy suggestions.

The Lost Boys (1987) is a natural pick for cute boys in an ’80s horror film, no? Chock full of cute and hunky rocker-type vampire guys! (Hello there again, Alex Winter in a half shirt!) When the film came out I was most interested in Corey Feldman (he was more age appropriate for me at the time). I found his eyebrows and snarkiness somehow endearing. Enjoy the trailer here!