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Davy Jones of The Monkees

The news of Davy’s death today really saddened me. I had always planned to include him (as one of my “other decades” entries on this blog) and I’m sorry this will be my first mention of him here. One of the first cute boys to ever grab my attention (due to Nickelodeon and MTV rerunning The Monkees during my childhood), I was immediately smitten with Davy’s cuteness, his British accent, and his sweet, open persona. I also dug that he was short. Yes, there’s something about cute short guys. You just want to squeeze them! While I also thought Peter Tork was quite cute, Davy held the top Monkee spot in my heart and kick-started my life of enjoying cute boys and rock and roll.

By the way, I always fantasized about sharing a pad and playing gigs with my bandmates like The Monkees did on their show. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe one day it will. Thanks for the rock n’ roll dreams Davy!

Enjoy the song Valleri at this link.